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Hotels in madeira

The Madeira Island is the main island (740.7 km ²) of the archipelago of  Madeira, in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of the Portuguese coast, and together with Porto Santo Island (42,48 km²), Desert Island (non-habitable) and Selvagens Island (non-habitable).
The capital of the island and the autonomous madeira holidays all inclusive region is the city of Funchal.
The island is of volcanic origin, its climate is subtropical with extensive exotic flora economically is largely devoted to tourism.

Location and Climate
Madeira island is 310 miles from the African coast and 620 miles from the European continent, which is the equivalent of a 1 hour 30 minutes flight from Lisbon. The Archipelago, discovered by the Portuguese in 1418, is made up of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands of Selvagens and Desertas. It is situated between latitude 32º22’20″ and 33º7’50″ with its longitude between 16º16’30W and 17º16’38″W. Has a surface area of 459 square miles (741 km2), (35 miles long and 13 miles wide).
These, because of their privileged geographical position and mountainous relief, have a surprisingly mild climate.

hotels in madeira
Very mild average temperatures, 25ºC in the summer and 17ºC in the winter, and a moderate level of humidity, confer upon these islands exceptional subtropical features.
The seawater temperature is also very mild, levadas madeira because of the influence of the warm Gulf current, presenting averages of 22ºC in the summer and 18º in the winter.

The madeira holidays is a tourist information portal credible and serious about Madeira and Porto Santo islands, created in 2013. Our goal is to inform the customer in the best way, to disclose what is happening and foremost guide you in the best way with a personalized service when traveling to our beautiful islands. A unique service and different from others, our goal is to be able to satisfy the whims of clients, advising them the best place to stay, give them the best routes to visit, etc.

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Hotels In Madeira Island

As important as the purpose of the journey is where replenish energy. The accommodation in Madeira is quite wide, from the exquisite honored traditional hotels, the modernity of the five star hotels, friendly hospitality of holiday cottages which allow close contact with nature or the traditional and welcoming the 5stars hotels Madeira.
Madeira offers a wide range of quality accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets, where hospitality, personalized service, good taste and quality are the dominant features hotels in madeira.
The choice will always be yours, but our extensive experience can help you in choosing the best place to stay.

Personalized service to give the customer the best option
With us you can find the best hotel, aparthotel, a house in the countryside or in the city, among other accommodation at the best price available. The direct booking, how could you do with us, keeps the price down, since there is no commission payable to a third party, since we work directly with the hotels.

Madeira Packages Holidays 
The madeira-holidays.eu is a booking site different from others, our aim is to facilitate the client’s choice, giving you the best information about accommodation, as the top touring you want to do when you get to the hoteis na madeira.
Our experience in the careful selection of the best places for accommodation, helped to feel comfortable in choosing the best place to stay in Madeira.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if further information is needed.

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