Porto da Cruz – District of Machico

Porto da Cruz is a customs of the District of Machico, It isolates of the Madeira. It has a 25,13 km area ² what the compensation to bigger customs of the District. It has at present nearly 2600 inhabitants. The Name of these customs originates in a cross found to the seaside by the first explorers. It was one of first customs of the north of the Madeira to be lived, in the case, by one of the descendants of Tristão Vaz Teixeira.

Visually these customs are recognized immediately by the imposing Rock D’Águia, situated to This one of the customs near the sea bordering the customs of the Beechwood, Santana’s advice.

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There are a rural customs, where the predominant activity is the agriculture. There is famous the “American wine” produced of very particular form in these customs with the vines near the land, on the contrary of the most frequent corridors of vine found in the rest of the island. The sugar-cane production is also very popular in these customs, but it is still the historical Talent, the only one of Europe to Steam in functioning, of the Company Talent of the North, located well in the center of the Town that more calls to the attention for the production of the typical spirit of cane. They are also famous the spirit here produced, called “970”and”980″.

It is also a zone already internationally known as the practice of sports like the surf, btt, trail-running (race of mountain in rails) and paracomb. Because it is common to meet many apprentices of these kinds.

In this website to be tried to maintain when all the relevant information was updated, from events to distinctions and news, about the customs of Porto da Cruz.

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