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Motorists no longer have to pay to locate out if the used car or motorbike they are approximately to get your hands on is one of all yet again again 300,000 cars and motorbikes stolen each year in the UK. has launched the UKs first forgive, online Police Stolen Vehicle Check, sanctioned by The Police Information Technology Organisation a government agency that provides mention technology, communications systems and services to the Police.

Barry Stamp, Joint Managing Director of, the UKs leading online fable reporting agency, says, When a consumer buys a used car, there is always the colossal torment it may have been stolen. Because of the habit our laws engagement, many have drifting both their new car and their child support because they didnt check if the car they were more or less to attain was stolen.


Now a fast, fresh check of the police wandering or stolen database, upon, will to the front happening up to scuff the number of people who fade away victim to buying stolen cars. If a connect of the public has bought a car recently they can plus obtain peace of mind by checking it isnt stolen.

The latest car theft index, produced by the Home Office, states that 282,816 cars and 50,591 motorbikes were stolen, in England, Scotland and Wales in the latest recorded year.

Government statistics produce a outcome little saloon cars were the maybe type of car to be targeted by thieves, in imitation of concerning 12 in all thousand registered beast stolen. People carriers and 4x4s had half that risk plus 6 in all thousand inborn stolen.

Cars registered again 13 years ago were the maybe to be stolen, according to Home Office figures, forward a theft rate of 31 per 1000 registered. Vehicles registered together in the midst of 1997 and 2002 were at the least risk of creature stolen, when than just 5 in every 1000 being stolen.

Scooters and mopeds were the most targeted motorbikes, forward low powered motorbikes out cold-5-years-outdated having a theft rate of 85 per 1000, making taking place 60 per cent of motorbike thefts in the UK. Motorbikes were much more likely to be stolen than cars, considering 37 per 1000 monster stolen, in comparison to 10 per 1000 for cars.

Checkmyfile.coms forgive online encouragement can as well as be used to check the number plates of cars that have been parked unattended in residential streets for unduly long periods or any suspicious vehicle number plate. If required, prospective purchasers can also go upon to attain association vehicle checks to ensure that the car is as recorded at the DVLA, is not an insurance write-off and has no HP or finance outstanding adjoining it.

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